Rs. 565   

Rs. 565

Company: Kemisuto Pharma Company

Package Size: 14

Composition: NA


Description: Amoxicillin is an antibiotic, used in th treatment of various bacterial infections in Kenya. The original brand is called Amoxil, made by GSK

Use: Amoxicillin is a Penicillin antibiotic, used in the treatment of susceptible infections in Kenya and the world. It is listed in The WHO Kenya Essential Drugs List as one of the essential drugs. It is used in treating actinomycosis, biliary-tract infections, bronchitis, endocarditis (particularly for prophylaxis), gastro-enteritis (including salmonella enteritis, but not shigellosis), gonorrhoea, Lyme disease, mouth infections, otitis media, pneumonia, spleen disorders (pneumococcal infection prophylaxis), typhoid and paratyphoid fever, and urinary-tract infections. The beta-lactamase inhibitor clavulanic acid widens amoxicillin’s antimicrobial spectrum and a combined preparation (co-amoxiclav/Augmentin) can be used when resistance to amoxicillin is prevalent, for example in respiratory-tract infections due to Haemophilus influenzae or Moraxella catarrhalis (Branhamella catarrhalis), in the empirical treatment of animal bites, or in melioidosis.

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