General Information For Manufacturer

How To Register
click on REGISTER (on the top right corner of website) select MANUFACTURER REGISTER
Fill all the Information General Details
Fill the required information:- (name, Email, contact no., company name, liecence no., your company address, your website name, Description.Now click on register .
Login into your account
Once you are regisitered as manufacturer,you will receive a email containing a link to login into your account soon admin will verify your details if details are valid then admil will approve your profile before approvel of admin, manufacturer will not be able to login their account. Now,you are ready to login as a manufacturer.
Manage Your Portal
For adding new medicine details :- medicine name, medicine type, medicine category, medicine file(a PDF file containing all medicine details such as name, price,ingredients, pack etc....) manufacturer can also add any medicine type or catogery which will be display in the front end of website. If any query, please use the telephone number listed in our site to talk to one of our staff members.